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DAS weekend

2. May 2011

recognition composition

Eyes on Ida Nowhere basement: DAS weekend took place in the
end of January at Ida Nowhere in Berlin, Neukölln.
Part of the game was an installation of Andi Guntermann in the basement.
A computer-driven-highend-software-detector recognized the
visitors´ faces and threw them on the wall (no, not the visitors).

About 10000 faces detected during
three days of Digital Arts and Sound weekend *

The sourcecode of the program looked like this:

GraphicsEnvironment ge = GraphicsEnvironment.
GraphicsDevice[] gs = ge.getScreenDevices();
for (int j = 0; j < gs.length; j++) {
GraphicsDevice gd = gs[j];
GraphicsConfiguration[] gc =
for (int i=0; i < gc.length; i++) {
Rectangle gcBounds = gc[i].getBounds();
int xoffs = gcBounds.x;
int yoffs = gcBounds.y;
int w = gcBounds.width;
int h = gcBounds.height;
if (j==1 && i == 0) {
washFaceFrame  = new WashFaceFrame(gs[j].getDefaultConfiguration(),xoffs,yoffs, w, h);



For anlog usage black stripes of paper were available to protect your privacy in real world.

All collected faces were shown on a wall of recycling-paper.

Fun for the whole family!

How will our kids look like? Faces were mixed up in the flatscreen picture.

System Requirements:

2,0 GiHz, 512 MBy, Java, JMF, Open-CV, webcam, computer, beamer, flatscreen, time.

* Only privacy protected pictures of size 100x100px were kept on disk for the future
(plus one face-washed bigger jpg). All other files were destroyed during the run.

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